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Dululth Trip for Boys and Girls Soccer Update
Hi everyone, both the boys and the girls soccer players and familes for the 2019 season.  Hope your summer is going well.  Ours seems to be racing past.

As you know we have been taking the varsity and junior varsity teams up to Duluth, MN at the beginning of the season to get some early competition in with teams we don't normally see and as a team building exercise.  I have put on the web site a comprehensive plan for the boys so please check back a couple of articles for those details.  I will lay out a broad brush of the plan here.

We are going up Wednesday morning 21 AUG 19  (about 5:30 am) and returning Thursday night 22 AUG 19 (about 5 pm).  We will be staying at the Suites Hotel in Canal Park and playing our matches in Two Harbors.  Wednesday is a scrimmage followed by a possible trip to Split Rock Lighthouse.  A dinner will follow as will some group supervised free time to visit around Canal Park.  Thursday is the first day of matches.  Once we are done playing we will be returning home.

What is different is that we will be taking 2 busses.  This way all the players will be able to ride the bus and no parent will have to drive up players.  Unfortunately, 2 busses cost more than one.  After some checking We have found that the best price we can get is approximately $2,200 per bus.  The rooms are about $2,800.  This means that without fundraising, the cost per player will be about $113.  They will also need money for Split Rock, food, and things they may want to purchase. 

Whit and I are doing everything we can to keep the cost down, but the biggest way we can do this is by everyone participating in the fundraising.  There is the soccer camp run by the seniors overseen by the coaches and we are doing a coupon type selling thing on 2 days (this will be expalined at the fall season meeting on Monday 5 AUG 19).  We will also probably do the Chipolte thing as that has no draw on the players other than passing out the information on the night.

Please contact me or Whit with any questions you may have.  We will continue to put out information as we come into it.  Have a great rest of your summer.  What a nice win by the USA team yesterday.

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