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Boys Soccer Apparel, Tryout Information, and a Few Dates


The good news is I have the form for the mandatory tryout / practice apparel, the bad news is that I will have to e-mail out the form because the web page doesn’t allow for uploads.  I will follow this posting with an e-mail to the people who’s addresses I have.  This is still due on 24 JUL 19 (Wednesday).  We have practice on Tuesday so please bring your order with the proper payment to practice.  If you can’t make that please get it to the captains before Tuesday’s practice.  This is also where you will order your socks.  This date is non-negotiable.  If you don’t get your order in you will not have the gear.  There will be no other order.

Please also don’t forget the optional player and open order which is due on 22 JUL 19 (Monday). This is also a hard date and there will not be another order placed. This is where you can order your warm up if you don’t have one yet.


Tryouts are around the corner.  This is taken directly from the post,” Initial Information for Boys 2019 High School Soccer” on the high school web site.

Tryouts: Tryouts will start the 12th of AUG from 9-11 and 12:30-2 at the National Sports Center in Blaine. Please see calendar for specifics. There will be a bus from the high school to-and-from Blaine the week we practice there. It is scheduled to pick up from SAVHS at 8 am and will drop off at SAVHS sometime around 2:45. We will likely announce teams on the 14th of AUG, Wednesday, after the second practice.

Tryouts will consist of individual fitness and technical skills in the mornings.  The afternoons will consist of tactical skills evaluation done in small sided games.  We are looking for technical and tactical proficiency.  However, those are not the only things.  A positive attitude and hard work will go a long way.  What do you do if you make a mistake?  (pout, blame others, stop or get back at it and learn) How do you relate to the other members of your team?  (yell, scream, complain or positive, give good instructions) Do you set a positive example?  (sit on the grass, late, not prepared or early, dressed, on the field knocking the ball around) I have said it many times and will say it again, I would rather have a team of hard-working positive players than a team of superstars who are individuals. 

We will be at Blaine the entire week.  You need to ride the bus unless you have cleared it with me first.  There are a number of restaurants with in walking distance if you choose that.

Things to bring include a ball, a bunch of water, lunch (or money), shin guards, the tryout apparel, sun screen, and a positive attitude.

A quick note on teams this year.  As always, every spot is open.  No one is guaranteed a spot.  I plan on taking around 16 players for varsity.  JV will have about 18 players as will C squad.  Of note, 9th graders can’t be cut and seniors can’t play on JV.  The C squad will consist only of 7-9th grades.  These players still have an opportunity to try out for varsity or JV.  The C squad will be playing a combination of middle school and 9th grade teams.


We will have voluntary coach’s practice on Tuesday 23 JUL 19 and Thursday 25 JUL 19 from 1:30 to 3 at Wilshire.

Monday 5 AUG starts the 2weeks of captains’ practice.  Information to follow on GroupMe.

Monday 5 AUG at 6:30 is the mandatory fall sports meeting.  This is mandatory for the players and parents.  It is a general information meeting followed by team breakouts for specific information.  The only ones excused from this are the players running the kids camp.  Sorry captains, you must be here.

For the juniors and seniors Monday thru Thursday 5 AUG 19 – 8 AUG 19 from 5-8pm is our annual kids camp which is run by you, the juniors and seniors.  I need about 7 volunteers.  The captains will be there but will have to leave early on Monday to attend the fall sports meeting.

Wednesday 14 AUG 19 the captains will attend the annual Tri-Metro Captain symposium.  At the end of the second practice we will announce teams.

Friday 16 AUG 19 will be the fund raiser.  The information for this will be put out at the fall sports meeting.  We need to have everyone participate.

For the rest of AUG plan on practice running from 9-11 for varsity.  The other teams will provide their pre-school practice schedule at the fall sports meeting.


Please remember, the web page will have the long-term information which pertains to the whole program.   There will be multiple updates as the season continues.

GroupMe has a parent page (only for parents) and a program page (for players and for parents who want to eavesdrop).  This is where we will post short term things for the program or communicate with the players and or parents about things that come up which affect the whole program.

Team Snap will be the way each specific team communicates important items.  We will continue to use this so as to not fill up other media with things which are only important to a specific team.

When possible, an e-mail will go out but do NOT count on that.  Players and parents need to have GroupMe and Team Snap and it is imperative that you check the web page.  We, the boys’ program, continue to miss people for one reason or another so I want to very clear about how communication will happen this year.  If at any time you have questions, please contact your coach first.  If you can’t reach them, then feel free to contact me, but please try them first.

We will have all new coaches this year.  Right now, I will be the only coach for varsity.  Charles Dean will coach the JV team and his son Ceephas will coach the C squad.  Ceephas will be assisted by Jake.  I want to thank Allie and David for their hard work.  They will be missed. 

I will post a current calendar after this post.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Enjoy the rest of your summer,


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